The Rent-a-Teen program at Ox Hill Baptist Church provides opportunities for our students to help pay for upcoming CrossWalk events, mission trips, and retreats. Members of Ox Hill will hire youth to perform various tasks within the community such as yard work, cleaning, or painting. The credits the youth earn will be allocated to them through OHBC and the students can use the funds to help offset the cost of attending various CrossWalk events. This is a wonderful program that enables youth to not only attend CrossWalk events, but also build congregational relationships while helping within our community.

Rent-A-Teen Weekend is coming in early November. Examples of past Rent-a-Teen projects are pet sitting, baby sitting, yardwork, lawn mowing, leaf clean-up, garage clean-up assistance, moving assistance, etc.  Please click here to submit a request form. The Rent-a-Teen program operates year-round so requests can be submitted at any time.  Upon receiving a request, we will respond confirming receipt and again as soon as we have found youth available to rent.

Thank you for your support!