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Sunday School

Each Sunday morning adults and children meet at 9:45 AM for a time of Bible study.


Nursery 3 yrs and under - Room 113 

Preschool - Kindergarten - Room 114

1st - 3rd Grades - Room 209

4th - 6th Grades - Room 205

Adult Bible Study Classes

We offer a variety of studies each quarter allowing each participant to choose which class they are most interested in attending. With each subsequent quarter, we will offer new options with new leaders. Each quarter will begin with a churchwide fellowship and introduction to the sessions offered, followed by 12 weeks of study.

The classes below will meet from December 11th to February 26th.


Traditional Class:
John 1 - 11

Taught by Bruce McKinley

Which Gospel, being the last one written, is unlike the others? It’s the Gospel of John, which specifically identifies his purpose for writing it: so that others “may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in his name.” John spends no time discussing the nativity scene or Jesus’s earthly birth and instead focuses on helping us understand Jesus’s eternal origin and standing as the actual conduit of both creation and salvation. John presents us the seven “I Am” statements so that we can know much more than what Jesus did, but who he actually is. John presents us a list of witnesses to confirm Jesus’s identity, with almost half of the occurrences of the word “witness” in the entire Bible! If you want to know Jesus better, then join us as we study the first 11 chapters of this important Gospel. 

Bible Focus Class:

Taught by Ron Mathis


Over the course of the study, we will look at the Book of Revelation in its entirety. We will not simply focus on the end times message of the book, but also see the vastness of what the book has to offer. Why study Revelation?

  • The same reason to study the other books in the Bible, to learn more about Jesus.

  • There is much more than end times and Christ’s second coming in Revelation.

  • There are epistles to 7 early churches that apply to us today.

  • Revelation had applications for the original recipients and for every generation since.

  • Without Revelation, we would have less of a view of eternity and heaven.

  • There is more about worship than any other book in the New Testament.

  • 75% of all references to thrones in the New Testament are found in Revelation.

  • Of the angels mentioned in the New Testament, about half are found in Revelation.


Special Topics Class:
What's in a Name?

Taught by Michelle Pahris


Join us on this journey of discovery as we explore some of the many names of God. We will visit Eden, Babel, Bethel, Mt. Horeb, Nazareth, Jerusalem and Hollywood. We will learn how in many places and for many reasons people created names for God based on their experiences with him. Today famous and even infamous people need just one name. For the one true God, just one name will not suffice.

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