Woman with Bible

Sunday School

Each Sunday morning adults and children meet at 9:45 AM for a time of Bible study.


Nursery 3 yrs and under - Room 113 

Preschool - Kindergarten - Room 114

Children 1st - 6th Grades - Room 205

School-age children will be in one combined class for the summer (June, July, August)

Adult Bible Study Classes

We offer a variety of studies each quarter allowing each participant to choose which class they are most interested in attending. With each subsequent quarter, we will offer new options with new leaders. Each quarter will begin with a churchwide fellowship and introduction to the sessions offered, followed by 12 weeks of study.

The classes below will meet from June 12th to August 28th.


Traditional Class:
1 & 2 Kings

Taught by Gene Skotzko & Bruce McKinley

Join us for a study that answers these and many other questions: How did perhaps the wisest man in all of history achieve unprecedented prosperity, get Arab monarchs to pay homage to Israel, and lead the nation to its largest extent ever? What happened to change that status? WWhat happened to 10 of the tribes so that the nation of Israel would just include Judah and Benjamin, and now the people of God would be called Jews instead of Israelites? How did the prophets Elijah and Elisha attempt to carry out God's ministry and bring His message against the corrupt religious practices of the people and hostile kings of Israel? How did it come to be that the Israelites lost at least a major portion of the scriptures for decades and even the priests had no idea what God's word said? How did that get fixed? How does God use unlikely people and unexpected circumstances to extend His grace to many people? How did God prove his faithfulness to those who followed him faithfully while still maintaining His just and holy character?

Bible Focus Class:

Taught by Mike Wolf


Are you an enslaved person to life’s routines? 

Come learn about God’s Identity and Power. 

Do you need to escape the oppression of life? Come learn about God’s Redemption and Deliverance. 

Are you missing your purpose?

Come learn about God’s Covenant with his people. 

Experience how you can escape out of servitude and into God’s service as we study the Exodus.


Special Topics Class:
"Lord, teach us to pray..."

Taught by Sarah Boberg


In Luke 11, after Jesus had spent time in prayer, one of his disciples asked Jesus to teach him how to pray.  Thousands of years later, many of Jesus' followers are still seeking to commune with God through prayer.


Join us this summer as we explore prayers in the Bible, ancient Christian prayers, and practice different methods of prayer as we seek to connect and commune with God.